Charles Roper

a hairy man is holding a rat

hardcore shitstain

Writer from Canberra. Non-fiction and comics. In 2022, I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) with Disctinction at RMIT in Melbourne. In 2023, I was awarded Honours First Class for my thesis, Haunt Me, which presented a linguistic and ethical enalysis of Wuthering Heights. You can find a list of my published works below. I was a participant in Express Media's 2022 Toolkits Connect program for Graphic Narratives. I have more than twelve confirmed makeouts and one time I caught a pigeon with my bare hands. You can email me at Author portrait by Ash Speechley.


Penis Movie, 2022

A piece of interactive theatre produced by Deep Place Productions. This work, inspired by the theories of Jack Halberstam, features audience participation and an improvised live score.

Seriously Bad Vibes, Wayward Trance, 2023, Emerging Writers Festival

An abstract comic that responds to the works of August Natterer.

The Randomly Generated BongKilller Triptychs, 2022, Critical Disdain

A personal essay about Instagram that features randomly-selected photos from my own account on the platform. Informed by the writings of Jean Baudrillard.

Stories on a Long Thin Wire, 2022, Obsession Anthology, Bowen Street Press

A personal essay about the role that cycles and repetitions play in maths, etymology and the psyche. Written in response to Édouard Levé's 'When I Look at a Strawberry, I Think of a Tongue'.

This is an Essay About a Chemical Fire, 2022, Antithesis Journal, vol. 32

A personal essay about epistomology, ephemerality, family. and honesty.

Two Weeks of Peace Three Years Apart, 2023, Voiceworks, iss. 129

A comic diary that responds to Mandy Ord's When One Person Dies the Whole World is Over.

50 Greatest Albums of All Time* (*My Opinion), 2023, Voiceworks, iss. 130

A comic that proposes a book about fifty of my favourite albums and my relationship with each of them. Very cool.